Water Treatment

What is water treatment? Water treatment is defined as:  purification of water to make it suitable for drinking or for any other use.

The water in Idaho is as diverse as its residents. Idaho has some of the hardest water around.  They call it hard water because it’s “hard” on your water heater, dishwasher, shower doors, dishes, glassware, and you. Anything that hard water touches, it eventually destroys.

Idaho also has water with high iron content, water with arsenic, and water with high nitrates. We even have areas that have uranium in the water!

If you would like to provide the cleanest and healthiest water for you and your family to drink, cook and bathe with, then call us and request a full water analysis.  We CAN provide you with the cleanest water possible.

If you have questions then please call:

Ray Coon  208-941-1139